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General rehearsal

Maximiliano Guerra and Julio Bocca together on stage

Julio Bocca And Maximiliano Guerra

Rehearsal at the Colón Theatre
Plissetskaia, Guerra and Lopez

Post-Premiere dinner with Maya Plissetskaya

Colon Theatre, Jaime Kogan, Antonio Tauriello,
Diego Kogan and Julio Lopez

Spanish-Argentine choreographer and dancer, Julio Lopez completed his studies of choreographic techniques, dance and pedagogy at the Conservatory Dance School of the University of Chile, under the guidance and supervision of remarkable teachers such as: Seegur Leeder, Lola Botka, Hans Züllig (Ballet Joos), Patricio Bunster, Heinz Poll, Joan Turner, Dorinda Brown, among others.

He has also attended several other courses at the San Francisco Ballet School with Harold and Lew Christensen; the Joffrey School of New York with Robert Joffrey, Scott Douglas and Violet Verdy; the American School of New York with Stanley Williams; the Folkwang Schule of EssenWerden with Kurt Joos, Hans ZÜllig and Me. Bártos. Has studied the "Benesh" system for the Dance Notation and Drama at the Municipal Drama School in Buenos Aires.

In 1962, he was invited by the Chilean National Ballet, directed by Ernst Uthoff (Ballet Joos), with whom he becomes a soloist dancer, participating in various international tours in America, such as: International Dance Festival S.O.D.R.E. of Montevideo (Uruguay), Guanabara Festival of Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), and an extensive tournee in the United States, including performances at the New York City Theatre.

Starting in 1967, he became very active in Europe, at the Stuttgart an Munich Operas in Germany under John Cranko`s direction, with tours to the international festivals at spoletto in Italy an to Hammamet-Cartago in Tunesia where he interpreted creations by John Cranko, Kenneth Mac Millan, and Peter Wright, and in several performances for German television.

During 1970/72 he danced with Oscar Araiz at Teatro Gral. San Martin (Buenos Aires).

After auditionnig, Julio Lopez joined in 1975 the Ballet of the Colon Opera House in Buenos Aires and danced all the classic repertoire until 1992.

His choreographic work included many productions created for the Teatro Colón, Teatro Gral. San Martin, Teatro Argentino, NucleoDanza, Ballet Argentino (Julio Bocca), all in Argentina; Palacio de las Artes (Belo Horizonte/Brasil); Ballet Cisne Negro (San Pablo/Brasil); National Eslovenian Opera Ballet (Ljubljana); Ballet Concierto (Puerto Rico); San Carlo de Nápoles (Italia). He also participated as a choreographer with the following reggiseurs: Jaime Kogan ("Mahagonny" "La Forza del Destino"), Roberto Oswald ("Bormazo" "Aida"), Sergio Renan ("Otelo"), Beni Montresor ("Sanson and Delilah").

"Huis Clos", based on a play by J.P. Sartre, was created in 1986 for the Contemporary Ballet of the Teatro Gral. San Martin . "LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA" was specially commissioned by the Colon Opera House, and given its immediate success, he was invited to present it at the Slovenian Opera House (Ljubljana 1991) and in San Carlo de Naples, (Italy 1991). Two years later, he created "A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM" for the National Slovenian Opera House.

His artistic career is linked to three of the world´s best known dancers: Maya Plissetskaya (Bolshoi Theatre), Julio Bocca (Gold Medal Moscow/85), and Maximiliano Guerra (Gold Medal Varna/88), and he choreographed several of the works in wich they performed.

Mrs. Maya Plissetskaya premiered "EL REÑIDERO", Argentine version of "Electra" during the 1995 season at the Colon Opera House in Buenos Aires.

Julio Bocca premiered "PIAZZOLLA IN CONCERT", "HOMMO VITALIS" (Panamerican Sports/95), "TWO WORLDS" (premiered at the International Festival of Spoletto (Italy) and Santander (Spain 1990) and "KUARAHY", a multimedia-show that throws a reflective perspective on the Latin America's history.

M. Guerra premiered "WE HAD A CHANCE" and "CONTRABASS FOR ONE MAN ALONE", was awarded a prize as the best choreography at the International Dance Festival in Varna/88). In 1995 specially commissioned by newspaper "Clarin" on its 50th anniversary, "SECOND RHAPSODY" (G.Gershwin). It was danced by J. Bocca and M. Guerra together for the first time.

Also, he was invited to attend different competitions as a Jury member, including MAYA/96 International Dance Competition in St. Petersburg (Russia) and Joinville Dance Competition (Brazil) on several occasions.